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Performance Psychology, Sue Enquist

Conducting at its best:  Why is this 3-year-old such a good conductor?  Is it his technique or is it that he’s passionate about the music?

A humorous take on practice:

Because it’s so entertaining.


Are we really listening?  How much more can we do to connect to the music?  What does it mean to hear?



Here are two videos from bassist, Victor Wooten.  The first one is five minutes long and is the condensed version of his TED Talk.  The second video is the full 18-minute TED Talk.  I encourage you to watch both of them.


What’s the point of music anyway?  It’s behind some of the greatest inventions.


“Fake it ’till you make it” . I’ve said it several times in rehearsal.  Here’s where I got it.  This TED Talk explains the connection between our posture and our frame of mind.


How does music connect us?  Is it possible that music can explain our brain’s ability to make predictions?  Singer, Bobby McFerrin, gets a room full of scientists to sing to explain a complex neurological concept.  The question to ask yourself is: “Why did everyone in the room know what note to sing at 00:42?”  The pentatonic scale is found in music from every culture in the world.  Enjoy!


Do you know what you want to do with your life?  If you do, you’re a jackhammer.  If not, you might be a hummingbird.  Both are ok.


One of my favorite TED Talks.  Funny, educational, and beautiful:


Kenny Werner’s book Effortless Mastery is a must read for any creative person.  I loan my copy out all of the time.  One friend finished his opera and another friend stopped hiding on stage.  Werner’s point is simple: give yourself permission to be creative.  Watch this video for more inspiration.