The All State Audition Process
Read and understand the audition
Study with a private instructor that has a history of students getting accepted into All State.  Ask a director for recommendations.
Practice the 12 major scales every time you practice.  Memorize them.
Select a solo by March of the audition year.  Work with your lesson teacher to select the strongest minute of music.
Practice a new etude each week from your instrument’s audition book.  See page 4 in the link above for your instrument’s audition book.
In July of the audition year, the audition etudes will be posted.  Once they are posted, practice them every day.
Mandatory: attend the weekly mock auditions from the August 26 through October 21.
Clear your schedule on Saturday October 26.  Know what clothes you’re going to wear; dress professionally.
Secure transportation to Indianola High School.
Play your best.  Be open to the outcome.
If selected, clear your schedule for November 21, 22, and 23.
Practice your music.

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