From The Desk Of Cindy Miller
The success of the J-Hawk Bands program depends on support from the families of its members.  Many of the events throughout the year can only happen with help from dozens of band family volunteers.  Thank you for donating your time and effort to the J-Hawk Bands program!  – Cindy Miller

All hands on deck:
Volunteer for the Urbandale Marching Invitational, Saturday, Sept. 30th

General volunteer slots for 2017-18 events

Be sure to check out what slots will be coming up in future months!

Some volunteer duties are best taken care of by a team of folks who can work out how to share the responsibilities.  Please contact Cindy Miller at jhawkbandboosters@gmail.com for info or to volunteer for these teams.

Pit Crew Team:  During the marching band season, the percussion front line (the pit) needs help getting its equipment on and off the field for each show.  So much equipment, so little time!  The Pit Crew Team consists of 12 volunteers who will take turns serving as “pit crew” at home game half-time shows and Saturday competitions.  Time commitment:  half-an-hour at home games, about an hour at Saturday competitions; with 12 volunteers sharing the duties, commitment would be about 4 events per volunteer.  Free admission to home games and some Saturday competitions for which you are volunteering.  See the J-Hawk Bands calendar for dates.

Bus Chaperone Team:  Throughout the year, but especially during the marching band season, PABC arranges for mandatory adult bus chaperones.  The Bus Chaperone Team will consist of six volunteers who will share bus chaperoning duties.  Time commitment depends on the event and if you wish to ride round trip, or just one way; with 6 volunteers sharing the duties, commitment would be 2 events per volunteer.  Bus chaperones often get free admission to events, but not always.   See the J-Hawk Bands calendar for dates.

Concert Ticket Sales Team:  During Concert Band and Jazz Band seasons, PABC provides volunteers to sell tickets before each concert.  The Ticket Sales Team will consist of 4 volunteers to share this duty.  Time commitment is a little over one hour before the concerts you volunteer at.  See the J-Hawk Bands calendar for dates.

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